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The European Cyber Shield


This is a policy paper on the EU's "European Cyber Shield" concept as formulated in DEP calls and the proposed "Cyber Solidarity Act".

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Patching Nameservers: Austria reacts to VU#800113

A report on the patch-rate of Austrian nameservers following announcement of the DNS cache poisoning vulnerabilty.

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Mass Malware Analysis: A Do-It-Yourself Kit

Theory, practice and a construction manual for an automated analysis station for malware using trivial and free instruments.

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Detecting Conficker in your Network

Description of a method to detect earlystate Conficker worm infections through blocklists fitting the needs of small and medium enterprises.

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The WOW-Effect

A paper about how Microsoft's WOW64 technology unintentionally fools IT-Security analysts.

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An Analysis of the Skype IMBot Logic and Functionality

An Analysis of the Skype IMBot Logic and Functionality.

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